About Us

We are a group of like-minded individuals from different backgrounds who are planning a social startup to impact volunteerism and giving in Turkey, but rather than just filing the paperwork to start a non-profit, start scrambling around for funding, and planning some cool one-time activities for the kids in the neighborhood, we said to ourselves – how do we apply the methodology of for-profit startups to the social scene in order to create a sustainable social enterprise?

As for this blog: this is a running diary of our journey.

We have no idea where we will end up with this idea; we can’t promise any happy endings or bright rainbows. If statistics are any guide, we will probably fall flat on our face and hopefully end up having a good laugh about the experience over a few beers, but we’ll still give a try anyway. Isn’t that what entrepreneurship is all about, experimentation?

Through this blog we’ll be chronicling our application of Steve Blank‘s theory of customer development and Eric Ries’ the Lean Startup to a social startup in Turkey. It starts at Day 1 and we’ll see how we pivot from here on out.

Check out our website: www.ben1gonulluyum.com

the TEAM

My name is Jason Lau. I am Canadian-born Chinese American from Los Angeles, CA who just happens to be living in Istanbul, Turkey. I’m currently employed at the Center for Entrepreneurship at Özyeğin University where I train and coach tech startups at the Startup Factory, Turkey’s first tech accelerator program, as well as teach entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship to undergrads.


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